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Are you ready to supercharge your Amazon PPC campaigns? Keyword analysis is the secret sauce to success, and we’re here to unlock its power for you.

Negative Keywords: Cut down on wasted ad spend by identifying high click-through rates, and low-conversion keywords. Control your ACOS with surgical precision.

Top Converting Keywords: Unearth the golden gems that balance impressions, CTR, and order rates. Amplify sales while minimizing costs.

Optimization Strategies:

Negative Keywords: Banish keywords with high CTR but zero sales. Eliminate irrelevant or poorly performing terms.

Top Keywords: Feature them on your product listing page and title. Experiment and refine for maximum visibility.

Ongoing Vigilance: Amazon PPC is dynamic. Regularly review and adjust your keywords to adapt to market shifts.

Keyword Types:

Exact Match: Laser-focused and precise keywords.

Phrase Match: Cast a wider net without losing relevance.

Long-tail: Harness detailed phrases for niche targeting.

Broad Match: Embrace variations and expand your reach.

Keyword Tools:

Google Keyword Tool: Free and insightful.

Ahrefs: Paid but powerful.

Keywords Everywhere: A paid tool for added insights.


1. Set Clear Objectives: Define your campaign’s conversion and metric intent.

2. Tools Matter: Choose the right keyword research tool for accurate insights.

3. Metrics Matter: Consider Monthly Search Volume (MSV) and Cost Per Click (CPC) ratios.

4. Monitor Competitors: Keep an eye on trends and borrow insights from successful rivals.

5. Stay Agile: Adapt your keyword strategy regularly to stay ahead.


Amazon PPC keyword research isn’t just a task; it’s an art that can skyrocket your sales and save your budget. With insights from tools and meticulous planning, your Amazon PPC campaigns will reach new heights. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, entrust the experts at Marketplaces, a premier Amazon marketing agency. Our skilled team will craft a tailored keyword strategy that ensures your success in the competitive Amazon landscape. Get in touch today and watch your sales soar!