Ecommerce And Digital Marketer

About me

I am an experienced Ecommerce And Digital Marketer.

Ecommerce And Digital Marketer

With an adept digital marketer skilled in Product Research, PPC Strategies, and Advertising Sales Funnel.My expertise in Listing Audit and Business Scalability drives exponential growth and expansion.
I’m a digital native, naturally drawn to working in the marketing field. My top skill is in web marketing strategy development and I bring an in-depth understanding of digital marketing practices. I developed strategies across various channels in my previous work but mainly focused on SEM.

What I do

I am an experienced Ecommerce And Digital Marketer.I have a strong track record of Unlocking Ecommerce’s full potential through masterful digital marketing strategies with measurable growth, captivating campaigns, and dynamic customer experiences.


If you are looking for a digital marketer who’ll take over the rthrough direct advertising or platforms like Google Ads — as well as social media ads and sponsored posts., I am a well-established professional to help you with this.


If you are looking for Someone who’ll take over search engines to drive traffic to your online properties, particularly your landing pages of your website, I am a well-established professional to help you with this.

Marketing analytics

If you are looking for a data analytics at the same level as, say, a Data Scientist, Digital Marketers and about your business detailed information about where your traffic comes. I can help you with the latest and trendiest look.


Excellent work, Great results, I used her services for product hunting and she gave me two great products for Australian Market. Thanks for your efforts and time.
Good job, hope to come again, thank you very much.
She Hunted a good Product, very quick service. Thanx